2013 Official Selections

Congratulations to the following Official Selections of the
2013 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival!

A First Date Alex Weinress
A Girl Named Elastika Guillaume Blanchet
A Very Vanessa Christmas Bill Schaumberg
Alfred Hitchcock Prezentz Lon Strickland
Average Party Tony Yacenda
Badminton Club Chris Balmond
Bullet Takers Kelly McDermid
Call Waiting Jon Mackey
Chubby Bunny Stuart  Laws
Cupid John Dion
Dealing Days Ron Lazzeretti
Derriere Blanche Marvin Bryan Lemus
Die Legende von Julio de la Casa Daniel Rübesam
Division Azul Sergi Marti
Don't Walk Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman, Scott Yacyshyn
Extremely Dark Knight Tony Yacenda
Ey Man, You Like Hip Hop?! Ian Gary
F**k the Parents Ethan Kuperberg
Faced with Danger Carlo Corbellini
First Time Phone Sex Philip Donohue
Florence vs. the Machine - Facebook with
Flo Pts. 1 & 2
Lori Elberg
Happy Birthday Mr. Zombie David Leclercq
Harry Grows Up Mark Nickelsburg
Hipster Detail Neil  Hopkins
Hipster Interrogation Harry Nangle
Holloway Heights - Ep. 2 "Go Drown on Me" Katherine Randolph, Alex Petrovitch, John F. Beach
How To Mow Your Yard on PCP David Ward
I Miss Drugs - Ep. 2 "Simple Human" Nathaniel Adam Boggess, Jason Eksuzian
Internet Comedy Star Paul Thomas
Karate, P.I. Matt Hill
Killing Vivian Mandy Fabian
Legitimate Justin Dittrich
Love and Germophobia Tyler Spindel
Love Letters Dante Russo
Loveseat Matthew Richmond
McNuggets Felix Pineiro
Merkin Penal Mitch Rouse
Mind Readers Nick Smith
Night of the Loving Dead Anna Humphries
Ninja Sex Party - Three Minutes of Ecstasy Jim Turner
Ninja Sex Party - Unicorn Wizard Jim Turner
No Drama Break Up Evan Nix, Adam Nix,
Parachute Martin Thibaudeau
Paulie Andrew Nackman
Penny Dreadful Shane Atkinson
Players Jonathan David
Pool Cat Mickey Dwyer
Post-It Oren  Kaplan
Priests Astutillo Smeriglia
Put a Filter on Me (The Instagram Song) Andrew Higgins, Phil Hamilton
Rack City Jordan Van Dina, Spencer Wider
Rich Girl Problems Emily Halpern
Shooting Cans Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman, Scott Yacyshyn
Special Delivery Graham Lester George
Spitting Booty Cheddar Tommy Smeltzer
Talking Carl Talks Too Much Justin Dec
Tech Service: A Memoir by John Valenti John Valenti
The Adam Reposa Saga Bob Ray
The Artist Greta Lee Jackson
The Broad Casters - Football for Girls Who Like Football Jonathan Dillon
The Co-Star Rhian Green
The Mind Job JJ Winlove
The Mission Nate Watkin
The Mistake Bryan Moses
The News Will Becton
The Skinny Isabella Hyams
The Unusual Suspects Steve Mitchell
Thoughts from the Womb Dustin Hahn
Timeless Seasons: Women's History Ian  Savage
Timmy Muldoon and the Search for the Shadoweyes Bandit Tony Yacenda
TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) Russell Ford
Today I Will Tell Her Jon Murray
Video Town Michael Reich
Way of the Iron Buffalo Vol. I Nico Bellamy
What Does This Remind You Of? Adam Aseraf
You There? Stanley  Brode
Zone Ben Weinstein


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