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Music Scoring Package Details:

The winner of the Best-of-Fest Grand Prize Short will receive a scoring package for his/her next comedy short consisting of three days of original music scoring services by composer Kubilay √úner (ARV: $9000), with a license to use the resulting music in connection with any and all exploitation of that short in all media, including its advertising and promotion.

Kubilay Uner music

Scheduling of these services is subject to availability of the composer. Music will be delivered in a digital file format to be agreed upon by composer and filmmaker. Third-party services requested by the filmmaker (i.e. additional live musicians, re-recording costs, or any other third-party services requested by the filmmaker) are excluded from the package. If the score is used, the composer shall receive credit in the film comparable to other above-the-line talent in the short. Composer credit shall also be included in any advertising that includes the so-called "billing block".

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