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Blood from a Stone
dir. Bill Palmer

Blood From a Stone
Run time: 8:25 minutes


Before Jason Bourne insisted that action cinema start taking itself seriously, there was a time when muscle-bound macho men would break arms, sever limbs and spit one-liners without ever hesitating to muse about rules, consequences or ethical behavior. That time was the 1980s. Those men had names like Arnold, Sly, Dolph and Chuck. PG-13 was not in their vocabulary. And you can bet your ass, it's not in Sean Sharpstone's either.


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SHORTS BLOCK: Men Behaving Badly
Sunday, April 18th @ 12:00pm
General Admission: $12

Downtown Independent Theater

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About the Film

Director(s): Bill Palmer
Writer(s): Bill Palmer
Producer(s): Bill Palmer
Principal Cast: Matt Iseman


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